Netflix, zoom, video conferencing, house party. The strain of lockdown on our eyes.

With most of the world’s population in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, internet usage and screen time is at a record high!

For those who are working from home, we are all going from working on our computers all day without much movement or rest, to Netflix, Zoom or House Party in the evening to stay connected to our friends and family as well as our much loved box sets. 

With this increase in digital consumption comes the inevitable uncomfortable eye strain caused by the blue light emitted from our digital devices. High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light can cause migraines, fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, and can even interrupt your eight hours by interfering with our sleep-inducing melatonin.

There is often no way to escape this blue light in our modern lives. So what is the solution?

Blue light blocking eyewear acts as a barrier for better visual comfort while using your devices. At Hustle Eyewear, we offer blue light blocking glasses that use modern and classic frame designs to make you look great while looking after your eyes. 

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