Why block blue light?

We believe that when we get a good sleep, we are at our best! That's why at Hustle Eyewear we are passionate about providing high quality, highly fashionable and affordable glasses that contribute to better sleep by blocking blue light. 

It's not just phones that bombard us with blue light throughout the day, many of us work in offices where we can expect hours worth of screen time each day. We spend most of our lives surrounded by screens, adding up to almost 9 hours a day looking at them!!

By protecting our eyes from blue light, we can limit the amount of digital fatigue each of us experiences at the end of the day.

Here at Hustle Eyewear, we are pioneers of this lifestyle change, which is why we offer affordable blue light blocking glasses to combat the eye strain that comes with our digital lives.


We can summarise our mission into 3 pillars:

1. Improve sleep

When we sleep better, this impacts our health and wellbeing. By getting a better nights sleep each and every day, we can improve our overall wellness!

2. Feel better

When we are working hard on a computer or looking at a screen all day, we want to feel good when we do it! Our glasses effectively reduce eye strain and headaches caused by the harmful blue light emitted from any screen.

3. Look great!

We know that when we look great we feel great! That's why here at Hustle we care about bringing you glasses that aren't only high performing, but can go with any style as well. 

If you love our products as much as we do, please do let us know!


Many thanks, 

The Hustle Eyewear Team